Nuru Gel

Nuru Gel is an exceptionally slippery and long lasting massage gel made from all natural ingredients including Nori Seaweed known for its ability to nourish and moisturize the skin. Nuru Gel is a water based gel, clear, non-greasy, odorless, tasteless, and is safe for even the most sensitive skin. Nuru Gel is also water soluble and will expand when warm water is added to the gel.

Nuru Standard

Standard formula is ready to use, apply directly to the skin
(Optional: add warm water 1:1 ratio)

Nuru Platinum

Platinum formula is highly concentrated and is best used if water is added. Add warm water to the gel until the desired constancy is reached; allow time for the gel to fully expand in the water. (suggested ratio 1 part gel to 8 parts warm water 1:8 ratio)

How to prepare Nuru Gel

Mixing Directions:
Pour Nuru Gel into a bowl or a resealable container, then add warm water, mix by shaking the container or by mixing the gel with your hands in the bowl. Allow time for the gel to expand in the water and mix thoroughly.

Difference between Standard and Platinum Nuru Gel


Nuru Gel works best when used in conjunction with the Nuru Mattress Cover which won’t absorb the gel and water; this will keep things slippery and more fun longer.

Available in: Color Black | Single | Double | King

For Bulk Orders

Please call or chat with the website operator to give you a discount

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